Sunday, September 18, 2016

Get that *** in gear because Failure is a real outcome.

It’s a cold world sometimes, even when it’s beautiful.
There’s a crazy story where there are two brothers with one father. The father was an alcoholic, crazed all around bad person who ended up in prison. The first son saw his father and ended up being the exact reflection (the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree eh?). The 2nd son ended up graduating from Harvard University with honors. The media caught wind of this story and mind you.. this is VERY long story short, they interviewed the son in prison currently and they asked “why did you turn out like this?” he said “you’ve seen my  father, how could I turn out any other way?” They asked the same thing to the 2nd son and said “why did you turn out like this?” he said “you’ve seen my father, how  could I turn out any other way?”
The whole thing I am trying to say is for the 2nd son who did something “good” with his life through education and overall just staying away from the madness of the beginning stages of his life, but how? but why?
You see we’re products of our environment, our environment will affect who we are regardless of how much of a “motivational speaker,” you want to be. I believe it’s the power and the emotions felt when living under the threat of violence your whole life. I believe the power lies in the decision of choice and what you choose to believe that means.
Think about it… Seriously right now, let me give you an firm example. Let’s not lie to ourselves and say that people don’t risk their lives to be in America right now. I have many friends from El Salvador who tell me that it’s gotten so bad there with the fear of violence, pillaging, the cartels, and just the quality of life living in the barrios of the worst areas. They drop everything they’re doing and leave their whole “crappy” life behind, after years and years of immense struggling they finally say “you know what? f*** it, I’m going to America.” Keep in mind that America has a wall stretched farther then the eye can see, miles of desert, miles of river, and miles of natural borders that don’t necessarily need a wall there because of the geographic location. Now picture this, husband, wife and 2 children make the trek from El Salvador. They go through coyotes, they go through forests, and now they are at the desert where the wall is. They are almost to America and they have plentiful supplies and the bad men decide to murder each and every one of them so that they can have those supplies. This story is a tragedy, it doesn’t end well obviously and it’s probably a story that is more common then most people think.
So what you’re saying Jon, is life can be crap and then you die? ABSOLUTELY. Life can be a living hell and then you die.You can have a poor upbringing, you can have a poor teenage experience and an even worse adulthood and die of a drug overdose. That’s frickin’ entirely possible man.
Here’s the point i’m making, you will NEVER get everything you want going about life casually. You go through life casually you’ll end up a casualty. You can be gung-ho trying to be a millionaire and being successful, let me ask you something, is it a possibility you won’t be a millionaire? YES, even if you try to be a millionaire, there’s a real possibility you WILL NEVER be a millionaire.
Most of you reading this are thinking “wow, what a negative outlook on life this guy has.” It’s actually the complete opposite guys, I feel that things really need to be put into perspective in black and white in this age of digital information, there’s way too many people way too popular by telling people things that they want to hear not things they NEED to hear. I’m like the best friend who can tell you, “you’re screwin’ up man get your act together.” I’m going off the point i’m trying to make, because although all these things are true, that life can suck then you die, HOWEVER the decision of making it better is the one that will be all the difference. Decide you don’t want to be a casualty, decide you don’t want to settle for less anymore, decide your hard times are over and pursue the person you know you can become.
Because although it’s entirely possible you won’t get what you want, it’s also entirely possible that you will. Because we can aim high and still miss is the exact reason why you need to start right now and get that ass in gear.
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