Friday, October 7, 2016

Getting A Pre Approval For A New Home

Getting a pre approval for a new home

Buying a home can be time-consuming but well worth it in the end especially if you find the exact property that fits your needs so you should start by looking at different zip codes on Zillow or Trulia if you don't want to drive around all day.
Then you're going want to figure out how much home can you afford, how much of a down payment you want, and how much of a monthly payment you want. Remember even with a principal and interest payment you're still going to have to pay property taxes and homeowners insurance, depending on what type of loan you get you're going to have the homeowners insurance and property tax included in the monthly mortgage payment.
Once you figure those things out, here's where I can help you get pre-approved for financing of your mortgage. I can pre-qualify very quickly. There's only a few documents I need in order to do that, I need simple things like your date of birth, and income documentation (W-2'S, 1099's, 1120S if you have a S-Corp), and I can send you out a pre-approval letter where you can immediately start shopping around. Here is what one looks like below. Email me at if you have any questions whatsoever, I email back very quickly.
This is a pre approval letter for a new home, you can use it to shop around and let the sellers know that you're serious about being able to buy it from them, which gives you leverage when negotiations take place to get the best bang for your buck. This is the first thing you're going to want to get which is your pre approval letter for your new home. Happy shopping everyone! I hope you move into the home you've always wanted!

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