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Great Leadership by Nate Pilate and Jamin Clardy

These young men have great leadership skills and are willing to go the extra mile in order to make it happen

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Once again, I got a call at 2am from my best friend, Jon Arpon better known as Orange County’s Premier Mortgage Banker. He was hyped and talking at a million miles per second about how many views his articles have gotten about since he began publishing and asked me to write a second piece for him. After lecturing him for thirty minutes about why he should never call me at 2am on a Monday morning, I was very sure he didn’t listen to a word I said, as he responded: “So uhhh… ya gonna do it? I’m just sayin… "I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!” Did I mention the guy is a master closer? Once again I caved. So here's the article "Great Leadership By Nate Pilate and Jamin Clardy.

 In the last article, I talked about the pros and cons of working from home: Working From Home, What Sucks, What Doesn't and escaping the 9-5. I mentioned during my career, coming across some of the most inept “leaders” in the history of ineptitude or leadership. I figured I’d expound on the other side of the subject: great leadership. Throughout my years in sales: corporate, MLM, and self-employment, I’ve had the great honor of being entrusted with many positions of leadership. It’s a never-ending study. So what better subject to riff on other than great leadership? 

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While composing the outline for this article, I began thinking of some of the great leaders I’ve come across in my sales career to use as examples. One person came to mind – Jamin Clardy. So I reached out to Jamin and asked him to throw in his two cents about what it takes to be an effective leader. Instead, he dropped off a dufflebag of gold nuggets on leadership to include in this article that I guarantee you can take straight to the bank (Jamin Clardy’s Final Thoughts, below). 

Just a little background on Jamin - I met him years ago in my first and only MLM company, Gano Excel North America. I was a young buck new in the industry at the time trying to find my bearings as the leader of a growing organization – and I watched Jamin bring literally bus-loads people from Portland, Oregon to our corporate headquarters in Irwindale, CA. Want to talk about leadership? Since meeting Jamin, he’s never ceased to inspire me with his bold vision and sincere enthusiasm in regards to creating success stories – helping members of his team meet and exceed their goals in MLM. The enthusiasm and humility in each member of his team was pervasive in every encounter I had with them – this was, without a question a trickle-down of the sincerity and ambition of the team’s leadership. Not only was his team incredibly loyal (many of his key players at that time are with him side-by-side reaping massive success in the MLM industry to this day), but they were getting results and creating success big time. 

So, in addition to my own thoughts on leadership, as well as two an example of two great leaders I’ve worked with in both a corporate and MLM setting, you’ll also get to hear from one of the MLM industry’s top young guns, the man himself – Jamin Clardy in the “Final Thoughts” in this article. So throw on your thickest pair of learning spectacles and pull out that fossilized journal you’ve neglected to capture notes in for years… let’s talk about what makes a great leader.

Great Leaders Identify Strength In Their People

My first example of great leadership brings home a great point on the power of identifying the strength in your people, then showing them the tools they need to achieve victory.

My big brother and mentor, John Agra saw very early on that even though I was a rookie in the MLM industry, I had the ambition and potential to take up the more challenging tasks of MLM – mainly, presenting the opportunity by way of public speaking. In retrospect, I see more clearly that John had a method of developing rapport very quickly with people, targeting their strengths, and pumping them up to refine & use those strengths to reach the common goal of the team. He didn’t make it about him or how great he was, or all of his achievements in MLM – he made you the subject of the conversation, and what you’ll bring to the table to crush the industry. Once he saw that I had interest in handling my own presentations, we began to work tirelessly to get me ready to do so. 

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We would work on my speaking skills hour after hour constantly refining my presentation. As he had strongly recommended, I stayed up night after night reading all I could and watching Youtube videos of Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, etc. to model after their example. I began presenting as most do – in one on one opportunity “napkin” presentations. Eventually, these one on ones became two-on-ones. These two on one’s multiplied and soon I was presenting to entire families. Those families began to spread the word and the number of people I had to present in front of demanded a large meeting space. Luckily, the company had a large presentation room, easily capable of seating 200+ people. Soon, every Tuesday night, my team was packing the presentation hall with guests from all over the country – with the help of my team and John Agra, every night we had a “standing room only” for these presentations. 

Eventually, our meetings had gained much momentum, therefore I was in dire need of help – now my speaking abilities were required multiple times a week in different parts of SoCal. So, I applied the same practice that John had: I identified someone on my team that I believed was capable to take on the task of public speaking, and I worked with him to develop his speaking abilities. I was able to successfully pass the torch on to him, and repeated this process with a few other members of my team who I felt had the ability to become a great leader, and my efforts began to duplicate. In addition to now having more people on the team that could operate at a higher capacity, I also had multiple people to help me take on the more challenging tasks of running a large team in MLM.

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“My purpose is not to pull the trigger – my purpose is to teach you how to pull the trigger yourself.” - John Agra  

Great Leaders BET BIG On The Strength Of Their People

The outline example of great leadership I’ll outline is the best leader I’ve ever worked with in a corporate setting: Glenn Reible. The company I was with had the good fortune of bringing Glenn aboard at the perfect time – our company had, for many months, been without a leader in our Sales Training Department; this void of leadership was beginning to affect the entire company. Upon introduction to the team, he outlined his background, qualifications, and vision for the team - it was readily apparent that he had an extraordinary leadership philosophy and style – it seemed like he was speaking straight out of my favorite book on the subject, The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership. He served many years in the US Marine Corps and later created massive success in sales – he had a history of joining companies in times of peril and reversing those situations into big wins. This however, wasn’t just talk or some sales pitch – he immediately got to work with each individual member of the team to figure out everyone’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals. He identified very quickly what needed to change in the company, specifically our Training Department, and devised ways that we could work together to fill in the gaps and create a solid change. There were people on the team that had been held in limbo in their positions with no opportunities to develop and refine their strengths due to stagnation in the decision-making process in the executive team. However, he was not deterred by the limited vision of the executives, and he didn’t wait around with his hands in his pockets for them to make decisions.   He worked tirelessly to make us ready to take on new responsibilities and pushed us out of the nest as soon as he felt they were ready, in spite of the pushback from the “suits upstairs”. 

We’d gone from having an extreme shortage of morale and team unity to being invigorated a reminded of why we took on the job of corporate sales trainers to begin with! It’s like John C. Maxwell and Ronald Reagan had joined forces like Voltron to form one ultra boss. We now had a leader that was willing to fully invest faith & action into our ability to deliver results, and our confidence as a team multiplied one hundredfold as a result. Glenn positioned me to take on the most important campaign in the company at the time: a huge client and international giant in the tech industry that wanted to begin operating in Los Angeles. Making risky moves because you have confidence in your people’s ability to achieve a victory: this is the apotheosis of strong leadership . This was a big bet, as at the time I was the youngest on the team, but Glenn saw that I had what it took to take up the task and deliver a victory. I went on the lead the entire campaign, leading a team of 25+ agents doing B2B sales for one of the biggest, billion-dollar giants in the tech industry - PayPal, Inc. Were it not for Glenn Reible making that big bet, I would not have had one of the most valuable leadership experiences in my Sales Career. A great leader has faith in his people, and bets BIG on their ability to bring home a victory – therefore, he operates as a coach, and never tries to steal the spotlight as the MVP.

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“Leaders don’t say YOU go do it, they say LET’S go do it. The power of ‘LET’S’ – there’s nothing like it.” – Jim Rohn

Jamin Clardy’s Final Thoughts On Great Leadership

It’s important to know the difference between a boss and a leader. Our society has lots of bosses, but few true leaders. Leadership isn't about dictatorship with evoking fear to get productivity like you see at the work place. You will notice a leader builds people up and is constantly giving 
recognition to those around them to get the results. You will notice a strong leader will sometimes lead people to feels as they come up with ideas by planting seeds and asking questions. The agenda is to inspire people to have a natural enthusiasm to get the absolute best out of that person. 

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A leader goes first and uses words like, "lets go, we, us, our, and together" A leader shares a vision and inspires others to take the journey. Vision is extremely important. Not everyone is blessed with vivid visions. For myself, my first task as a leader is to share my visions and paint a bright picture for others to also see and get emotionally invested in that vision. Its important to note that to be an effective leader, is to be ok with not needing to be the "man.” An inflated ego can kill trust. It can be a tough transition, for some from it's what we've learned in the traditional workplace. The workplace can be all about competing for the next promotion and trying to outshine the next guy. But to be an effective leader you must be able to attract people that are even better than you in areas. Leaders need to maintain strong or alpha personalities to want to work under their leadership without frustration and bumping heads. To do this effectively is to remove yourself needing to be the man, the "rock star" the leader needs to praise those that are growing and progressing. This inspires growth and progress from everyone. Public recognition also sets a standard and creates friendly competition, which can be healthy to production and often times kicks others in gear to dig deeper and find their own greatness. 

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Creating healthy competition is much more effective than having to ever reprimand. Remember if you create the correct culture, the chances of needing to reprimand diminishes. Create a culture that inspires people to reach their own full potential, that’s what leaders do. Of course if a reprimands ever needed, never do it publicly, but pull someone aside. Start the conversation with all the things that person has been doing great. And ask them how can we improve whatever it is you're having an issue with. This allows that person to feel they came up with the plan themselves, which inspires the actual progress you're seeking and maintains rapport. Having rapport with those that you’re leading is crucial. As a leader your focus is organizing, recognizing people's skills, identifying people's strengths and figuring out where they would work best. As I say and teach to the leaders within my team: sift, sort, identify, develop, delegate - sift through the organization, identity abilities within people. Help build upon those strengths that you identify. And delegate tasks. Then give public praise and recognition. Remember leaders create more leaders. They do not just create a following.

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“A truly effective leader will have developed more leaders.”  - Jamin Clardy

Leadership is a never-ending study.For more information about Jamin Clardy and his current endeavor, visit his Instagram and FacebookClick Here for my interactive Sports app

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