Saturday, October 1, 2016

Refinancing In Los Angeles or Orange County

Refinancing in Los Angeles or Orange County?

You've seen the commercials, the advertisements, you've probably heard the radio advertisements as well about the rates falling through the roof for refinancing in Los Angeles or Orange County. You know what? That is correct, the rates are lower then they've ever been. Especially since Britain leaving the European union (Brexit). Refinancing in Los Angeles has never been easier, if you want cash out, lower monthly payment, consolidating two different mortgages that's absolutely no issue. Here's what you need to know.

1. It all boils down to who you can tolerate talking to the most.

 Understand I am a professional mortgage banker, known as Orange County's Premier Mortgage Banker, people choose me over the competition, not only because I'm easy on the eyes.. (joking) and I am definitely easy on the ears. Let me tell you why this is so important, there have been many laws enacted since the mortgage meltdown that just to be blunt, annoy the client. Let me tell you why, it's called "conditions." When we're doing a refinance, depending on your situation you're going run into "conditions" we have to meet or else the loan will fold and be denied. Here's why it's important to have someone you actually like dealing with, because they are going to be the ones who are getting you to get off your butt to get them done. Here's an example,"Hey Mr's Jones, I need you and your husbands Chapter 13 bankruptcy documents, can you send that to me?" Of course you don't want to get up and do that, who does? Realistically when people in my profession need you to find documents, we don't do it to annoy you, I promise we want to make your refinance as smooth and easy as possible. I also understand this has a tendency to annoy you, the client. Here is the second thing you need to know in regards to refinancing in Los Angeles or Orange County.

2. Refer to #1 again.

Again let me build on this one more time and I'll let you go. You must like who you're working with, because many companies will say "we got the best rates," blah blah blah blah blah. Sometimes they do, many times it's all the same to be completely transparent. I don't sell rate, I sell myself. Reason why, is because the other guy could offer you the same rate, but they can't offer you what I can offer you, I'm like a therapist, I listen, God gave me two ears and one mouth for a reason. I don't care why you need the cash out, or lower monthly payment those are dumb things to ask someone (who the heck doesn't want money in there account and to spend less on their mortgage?). What are your life goals? What are your retirement goals? Who's going to own the home if you pass away? My team I work with, we'll probably end up spending at least $150 just to get you out your loan estimate, pulling credit, and sending the documents out to you because those things take time and salaries need to be paid regardless. We work for free until your loan funds. We don't get a single penny until then. So if you like your loan officer, stick with him or her, they need you and they're working as hard as they can to push this through. Refinancing in Los Angeles or Orange County has never been easier now that I've stepped into the market. (conceited much? maybe but for good reason my friends).

I'm including on this post how to screw your loan officer. Why? Because consumers need to know how to get the best deal. I'm here to give it to you. I hope you've enjoyed our short-time together. Because I sure have. With love, I hope you choose me for the rest of your lives to help you refinance in Los Angeles or Orange County, heck California in general. Love you guys!

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