Friday, December 9, 2016

10 Signs You Are Dating A Crazy Woman

Is anyone really normal? 

Normal, what does that even mean? We're all a bit crazy in more ways than one. Where do we draw the line on that?

Picture in your mind the male/female relationships. There's a hugely disproportionate amount of women who are probably labeled the "crazy" kind of women. I'm a man and I promise you I have done little to no research on this subject but I feel since I've always been good at attracting the opposite sex then maybe I have some solidly based opinions that compelled you to click this article in the first place. Also, let's admit that men have defects and stupid things about them as well. We're labeled as "jerks," "dicks," and maybe even "weirdos." "He who hasn't sinned cast the first stone," right?
Anyways let's get down to business ladies and gentlemen. Here are 10 signs you are dating a crazy woman.

1.  She pokes holes into your condoms.
Actually, this one is pretty self-explanatory, I mean yes we love them to death and yes we love to make love all day endlessly if we could get it up that often, but man, child support is real brother! I think this topic of having children should be taken into account if she is trying to get pregnant with your baby!
2. She talks to you about her exes.
She wants to compare you to them, how are you measuring against them. She wants you to know if you're better then they are or are you a little bit more lacking than they were, even if she's building them up and lying about them. She wants you to know it, even though you don't want to know nor care about them.
3. You run into her ex-boyfriend and he doesn't care that you're dating her, he actually feels bad for you.
This one might be a little self-explanatory but let me dig in a little bit deeper if there's no ego involved with an ex-boyfriend and you meet, and your current girlfriend is on the spectrum of the hotter side and he's not jealous. Hmm... 
4. All other women more attractive than her are whores or bitches.
Don't even think about looking at the Brazillian girls butt in front of her, because you will be slapped and chances are she will be slapped too. It will be your fault, my friend.
5. She twists your words.
You know what? I believe I should never apologize for my behavior, yeah that sounds kind of dumb but I said that's what I "believe" it doesn't mean I don't apologize because for the right one I will, and for the wrong one I will let go. Now here's the problem fellas, you'll explain things, you'll apologize and pour your heart out to her and she will add in delusions that you said things you never even said. Isn't that the worst?
6. She's very competitive.
An ex-girlfriend I had, we were playing poker and I happened to win the game (no not strip poker, hmm.) She slapped me and said I don't love her and we should break up. We did. Backfired though because I was on the market the next day and she didn't like that at all and turned into a stalker. Didn't end well for her at least.
7. She tries to control who your friends are.
You know what? If you're a man who happens to have a lot of female friends that were your friends before she was your girlfriend then she has no right to control who you hang out with or who you talk to. This one's bit touchy because you obviously never want your girlfriend to be jealous of your female friends. But once she starts to say to not hang out with those you're completely platonic with then that may cause some concern of insecurities. But don't cheat on your woman if she's a good one.

8. Stability is not in her vocabulary.

Honestly, sometimes I just want to Netflix and chill you know? Yes exactly what I said, if watching a movie with her man is completely boring and something she just doesn't want to do. When you've reached a point of the relationship where a night in bed with your woman is death to her then maybe she will never be happy with you.

9. She's dated me before.

LOL, just kidding. Not really but yeah.

10. When it's good it's good, when it's bad it's bad.

You see when it's good she calls you her king, and praises you and loves you so much. Thanks you for all your hard work you do for her. But when she's mad at you, you just instantly turned into a "useless piece of ****" who has nothing going for him. Even though you were just praised like a king not too long ago.

Hope you guys enjoyed the read, "10 Signs You Are Dating A Crazy Woman."

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