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5 Signs He Doesn't Love You

Okay so first in foremost I am going to go into details and just snitch on every man out there. Here are the deep dark secrets of a man who truly doesn't love you. I'm going to break this article down in my opinion but I must say I have been in many lopsided relationships where the woman loved me and I know I didn't love her. So I think my words have some credibility on this subject. Actually, in the many relationships I've been in, I've probably only truly loved about 4 of them. Let me tell you my definition of love in my book, love to me means, I actually go out of my way to let you know I'm not screwing around with other women. I Actually make you feel safe with me. I'm not playing "mind-games" that us men and women are so keen on playing many times. That point where it's like "I'm yours, and you're mine." Period. That's my definition of love, because when the games stop then you can start building something great with someone. When a man has a chance to cheat on a woman, he doesn't when he knows he can.

Well let's get started with the article, here are the 5 signs that show he's not in love with you.

1. You're actually wondering if he loves you.

In your defense, this is going to hurt. But if you have to be brutally honest with yourself, there are red-flags everywhere that make you wonder. But if you actually have to wonder if he loves you, or if you search online about it, or if you have to get a close friends opinion. This is not up for discussion. This is probably the harshest statement I'm going to make in this entire article. There is no arguing about this sign. Well, maybe there is. Maybe he does love you but just doesn't show it in ways that meet your expectations. That's a possibility, absolutely. It's usually the latter, though. I'm a man telling you when a man is in love so please listen to my reasoning. You don't need to accept it, nor believe it, but I'm telling you the cold hard truth.

2. He doesn't support your goals or dreams.

Let's take the logical standpoint on this one. If a man is truly trying to build something with his woman, and he doesn't care about her goals or ambitions it's showing that it's probably not going to last. Think about this, if you're a man and you're woman wanted to be a lawyer, if he was truly going to be with her for the long haul then he would definitely support her goals and dreams. I mean there's a quote out there that I love to go by, "It doesn't matter what's in front of her if she knows who's behind her." Ladies if your man could care less about your goals and dreams he probably doesn't love you.

3. He lies to you.

This is one is pretty easy to accept right? She will ask him to change and he promises that he will. Now when the man doesn't change it usually means that they just want to keep you around and string you along. Just tell you things you want to hear because he may not love you but he may like you. I mean if he were trying to get rid of you he would just leave. Plain and simple.

4. He uses you.

I have used emotions to my advantage many times in my life in some seriously lopsided relationships I've had in the past. Reason why is we can get away with it and it helps our ego. Whatever he "uses" you means to you is what it means, finances, love, sex. If it doesn't reciprocate he simply is just using you. Which means he doesn't love you. Very self-explanatory.

5. He doesn't listen or respect you.

Whenever you're speaking it seems like his mind is elsewhere. He doesn't remember anything you say or anything important. Also treats you like crap as well. This is big because communication is the most solid foundation a relationship is built on. Easy come easy go. Sometimes deep into a relationship you have to listen with intent of listening instead of the intent of replying. Someone to capture your mind and if they can't do that then they probably don't love you. Respect is big because if you can't respect your lover then what are you guys? Here's the thing as well, respect is earned. So make sure he listens to you with the intent to listen to you instead of intent of trying to reply. What i've found with most women i've dated and they pour their heart out to me, it's not necessarily to ask for advice, they just need someone to listen and if you're man doesn't listen and cut you off mid-sentence then that means he might not care enough to hear what you have to say.

Take these words with weight behind it, and also take these words where not all men are the same as well. It's up to you to decide in regards if your man truly loves you, or just likes you. Maybe he does like you which isn't bad sometimes love takes time to build. But until next time! -Jon

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