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Trump, Duterte. Both My Presidents As A Filipino-American. How I feel.

I am a filipino-american, Trump is my president and Duterte is my president and this is how it feels.
Trump and Duterte, I am a filipino American and this is how I feel.

Donald Trump, Duterte, my presidents as a Filipino-born American citizen and how I feel about it.

President-elect Donald Trump of the United States of America and president Duterte of my homeland the Philippines. Here are the thoughts as Filipino-born American feels about the new world order. Before we get into that I must add that my family came here from the United States military from my grandfather putting 30 plus years in the United States Navy and all his sons ranging from the Air Force to the Marines as well. We didn't immigrate here illegally or on a boat or any other stupid stereotype people can think of. We came here legally and serving this beloved country in the military.

Let's start off with Duterte, many people don't know this but he is the Philippines president which many compare this man to the tough-talking, Donald Trump. He's really about it, he really is. Matter fact he cussed out our current president Obama, he called him a "son of a bitch," on national television. Take things even further, Duterte has threatened to burn down the United Nations building in the Philippines recently. While he was mayor he garnered death squads that murdered drug dealers in the street in cold blood. He also stated to Obama "Yes, I am killing drug dealers, but you're the one killing black people just because they're black, at least I'm only killing drug dealers." Here is a video below of him accusing Obama of killing black people. Here is the video below.

Duterte really means business for the Filipino people and yes he may express it in ways that are not the most people-friendly but he gets his point across. He knows drugs are causing a major issue in the Philipines and he's not afraid of killing people to get it done. He's also threatened executions of reporters if they didn't report it right. He is known as the Donald Trump of the east.

What are my thoughts of having Duterte as my president as a Filipino American? I'm going to get into that shortly so let's now talk about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a special man. He went against the democrats, republicans, the elites and destroyed 16 candidates in the process. He's completely ruined any masculine quality of Marco Rubio to which he refers to him as "Little Marco." Sorry Marco, I think that name's stuck for life for you. He went after Jeb Bush calling him "low-energy." He went after people's wives essentially calling them ugly. It was the most jaw-dropping political election in the history of presidential primaries. Don't even get me started on the general election with Hillary Clinton and Obama. Shots were fired and blood was spilled on both sides. The election itself was as messy as an over-flowing port-o-john caught in a tornado. America watched with eyes wide open to the insults that Hillary and Donald Trump spewed on almost a daily basis. He likes to grab women by the "p*ssy," and she lets a child rapist off the hook by being his attorney. It was crazy, it was entertaining, it was a sh*t show honestly. I literally am in my head re-living the moments that had us enthralled the whole time. My thoughts were "Is this really happening right now?"

Let's get into the thought of a Filipino-born American and his thoughts of having both of these tough attitude presidents asboth my presidents.

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When Duterte became the president of the Philipines

What goes through my mind as of right now this moment in time, I feel there is absolutely no better time to be alive. Duterte is cleaning up the streets and sending messages that he's going to clean up the Philippines for the better and get rid of all the crime that goes on. He's a man that is swift on judgment and doesn't say things that don't hold any weight. True power is power that doesn't live in the shadows. He doesn't threaten without the means to get it done. He's a powerful man and many lives have been destroyed by the crime of living in a third world country and he's finally doing something about it. I am avid supporter of Duterte as you can see. I'm so tired of things being said and things not getting done. I'm tired having the "wrong" opinion because it offends someone. I'm tired of having forced beliefs because I am "intolerant" of certain behaviors or I'm a bad person because that's how I grew up. I'm not bad man, I'm not a racist, I'm not a misogynist, maybe I like having me a woman or two every week but I'm a divorced man. I'm not a deplorable. I'm not what you think I am. I support Duterte because he means what he says and gets it done.

Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump. The name, when I read it, it gives me hope to make America great again. It gives me hope that I can say Merry Christmas without "offending" someone else. It gives me hope that America will be run on common sense and not catering to special interests. The corruption in the political system has gotten the populist vote to drain the swamp first and foremost and make America safe again. He's got a tough job to take on at this point and a very dangerous world he's inheriting from the failed Obama administration. I support Donald Trump, his name gives me hope, it gives me joy, I feel like there's a man who's actually looking after the hard-working class and not just the ones with connections and large amounts of money. I voted for him in the primaries and the general election.

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When Donald Trump became the president-elect

I was in a hotel room doing some work with a friend of mines. This was November 8th, 2016 and we sat there in awe that he was winning so many states when the corrupt scumbag media were telling us that he had a 8% chance of winning the presidency. We did it, we won, and I finally feel a glimmer of hope to make this country great again . I love the fact he doesn't want to be the president of the world, he just wants to be president of the United States, he wants jobs and higher incomes and to stop taxing our business owners so much so they can expand and hire more. I have hope now that Duterte, and Donald Trump are my presidents.

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This is how I feel about Donald Trump and Duterte being my presidents!
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