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9 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Post Negativity On Social Media -Jon Arpon

Why is the world so negative? -Jon Arpon

We deal with it in real life, we deal with it at work, with the family, and there's a great saying "If you don't have a problem in your life then you're headed towards one." Negativity breeds incompetence, hatred, and sometimes violence. We need to combat the negativity with some positive. In the real world, there's no way to stop the negative aspects of life but I'd thought I'd try to lighten up the cyber world for a more non-depressing timeline. The women in anguish posting the memes about the man in their lives who's not holding it down. The men posting about the unfaithful women they always end up with. The back to back negative turn of events that get aired out on social media. I mean yes, of course, there will always be something to complain about, but should you really be showing those colors on social media?

Kevin Hart being funny in regards to relationships on social media.
Yes, liking pics ruins relationships on Social Media

This one is going to be an eye-opener, maybe a bit controversial and maybe even a bit hurtful. But the whole reason for creating this article is because I open up my Facebook timeline and I feel more depressed than ever every time I see so many people going through hard times and break-ups. I mean think about it, if you were a random stranger reading your timeline would you think this person thinks your a person of high value? What would they think your life is like? You're cursing out a person on social media what do you think your employer thinks about that if they happen to do a social media check on you? Alexander Garcia, professional life expense insurance expert/fitness expert says "You attract negative people and events. You also lose valuable people on social media that would unfriend you if you post negative shit all the time. I know I have. It's the law of attraction man. Nobody likes toxicity."

Gage Gibson, owner of his own photography company says "many companies have been known to browse their employees/job applicants social media nowadays to see what they post, if you are posting negativity the company will see you as a negative individual and it can ruin your chances of getting  a job you applied for or potentially getting fired in severe cases."

George Mares, licensing manager for Primerica thoughts on negativity, "Negativity breeds more negativity. If you're in a constant state of thinking negative, it will leak into your relationships and your emotions. When you were last angry at somebody or something, how did you feel? Positive or negative? Did it only last only at that point in time or did it continue throughout your day/week/month/year?" We shouldn't let negativity rule our lives to the point where it's the only thing we talk about. Also Jeremy Elkins says #wordup about the negativity.

Through creative writing I would like to talk about a more fundamentally positive timeline for all aspects of social media, people don't need to know how bad your life is because half of them don't care and half of them are happy you have those problems, but your friends, on the other hand, are the ones who you speak with about them because they genuinely care in regards to your quality of life and well-being.

Be careful who you vent to.
Let's be serious here if the person you're airing out your secrets to are not a confidant than don't vent it out to the world.

On a last note, the posts you may be posting for someone else to see, I can guarantee and promise you that noone has ever gotten back together for pity, it probably chases them away. Would you want to be with someone so depressed or pitiful? Would you want to be with someone who every status is a complaint about how bad life is? Hey, I get it, life sucks sometimes it truly does but here's the thing, only a select few people will have any idea of how my life really is because I can't share certain things with the world that i don't want you to know.

Now that we've gotten past the introduction let's get into the 

9 reasons why negativity shouldn't be posted on social media.

1. You have family looking at your social media.

There have been many times where I've seen parent or uncles comment on a negative post telling that person to not post those things. It's embarrassing, when a family member comments about how negative a post it. Don't put yourself even in a position where a family member has to step in and say something to you for the world to see.

A funny photo with a dad commenting on his sons page.
Okay so this one isn't negative but you get the point right?

2. Your employer is watching.

Yes, it's true. Employers now more than ever before they are hired actually do a background check, that background check usually consists of social media posts. People have lost $100,000+ incomes due to a mouthing off on a social network. Hell celebrities have lost millions in endorsements for one negative post on the internet. Be very careful about a hateful post pointed towards someone or groups of people. If celebrities are subject to what they say on the internet I can promise you, you are too.

This guys an idiot.

3.Your significant other is checking your posts.

Yes, I've had my share of social media jealousy, dishonesty and I've been slapped for liking a girl's pictures on Instagram. Here's my whole thing, if you're taken just don't bro, just don't. Don't like her picture, don't add that guy if it will cause problems. I mean seriously I think social media has to be the cause of at least 50% of the break ups nowadays. Cheaters are synonymous with social media and getting caught. Rule of thumb, don't post anything that will piss off that special person.

here is a women having a husband cheat on her wife and showing it off on social media
Words can't encompass how dumb this is...

So that being said, you're being watched by not only your employer if you're employed, but by your peers and potential clients as well. if your client saw negative posts on your timeline would they still be your client? If they found out you were secretly racist so you posted a racist joke one night when you're drunk on your timeline. How would you feel if you had an insurance agent, you found him on Facebook, and you saw a post of his saying he hates people of your ethnic background? Not only can you lose your license, you can lose tons of clients and you don't need the bad press. Just ask Justine Sacco she lost everything. "How One Stupid Tweet Ruined Justine Saccos Life."

Justine Sacco posting about Africa gives people aids
She lost everything over one tweet.

5.  You'll be glad you didn't get caught up in the heat of the moment.

Sometimes someone does something to you, extremely horrible or just ticks you off a bit. So you say something mean about the person on social media. If you guys have mutual friends then it's safe to say that the person will find out it came from you. No one likes dirty laundry to be aired out for everyone to see. Amber Rose should of never tweeted this to her soon to be family. 

Amber rose saying negative things to her family on social media
She's saying that about her sister-in-laws when she was with Rob Kardashian

6. You are a role-model to someone in their life.

If someone idolizes you or wants to be like you, then don't give them the reason not to. I mean we need to believe Superman is really Superman. Why would you want someone who looks up to you see a side that's just not necessary? Yes, we all have our bad days, I assure you the first thing I want to do is to let the world know, I'm having a bad day. But I don't because basically, you don't need to know, it's none of your business if I'm doing bad, If something's bothering me, or if someone has it out for me. Reputations take years to build and only seconds to destroy so keep that in mind.

Manny Pacqaiou letting people know that gay are animals.
Used to be Manny Pacman fans after the hateful Instagram picture about the gays.

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7. Because the person you're posting it for doesn't care.

There are so many subliminal posts meant for certain people. I mean if the other person isn't posting anything about you then why are you letting them win? One the other person doesn't care, and two don't do it to yourself. This is big because the majority of the negative posts I see online are about someone. Allow yourself to keep your diginity and not put his/her business out there. Karma is real and let karma handle it I promise you it's easier. Yes I know we want them to know how we feel about them, but that doesn't mean to base your social media posts on someone who probably doesn't deserve it. It took me 25 seconds of scrolling through my timeline to find this subliminal post. 

lets ignore each other and pretend it wasn't supposed to end like this.
Yes this person is very unhappy and it's meant for someone who probably doesn't care.

8. Because your network might see you differently.

When one of my friends is being emotional or posting about "#FML." "I feel like just stopping all the pain and ending it all." What does that really accomplish? Yes, I agree you're going through a very tough time but don't say things like that for people that are not close to you to see. You need help, you need to reach out to your friends and not to random strangers on social media. I'm not knocking suicidal thoughts or anything like that because everyone goes through times that seem unbearable but you absolutely under no circumstance put that out there. Call your friends, your family. The last thing you need to do is post on social media for reasons obviously stated. Because I promise if you post something like that, your friends will look at you differently, especially the ones who aren't that close to you. 

He needs to reach out to his close friends, not Facebook friends at dire times like this.

9. Because it's noone's business but yours.

There are so many reasons why this might offend someone but truly think about it. It's your business, not mines to hear. Even if the negativity is meant for someone else, it doesn't breed any good outcome. If anything say it to the person it was meant to be said to. I mean obviously no ones perfect in this category but really know that sometimes the bad part of you is something you need to keep to yourself. Don't do it to yourself and don't let people know things that you wouldn't want people knowing. We just get so caught up in the heat of the moment and it accomplishes nothing but making ourselves look bad when we post something negative. 

Jaden Smith posting something negative
Like what does he even mean? It just makes him seem like a wierdo.

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