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Hard Labor To White Collar - Daniel Romero

Daniel Romero

Hard Labor to White-Collar - Daniel Romero

Having a bad sometimes
A job is a job, but you can either work hard or work smart. In any industry, you gotta do work to get paid and whether you want to work a back-breaking job or sit in an office all day, at the end of the day the satisfaction is getting that paycheck and going straight to the bank.

 Now before I begin, I grew up with the common knowledge of doing your best whatever the case may be. My first actual job was working in an arcade in Long Beach California "shoreline village" it was easy at times and stressful at times but for the most part, it was pretty simple. Most of my jobs I was only able to keep for no more than 3 months at a time. I would either lose interest or move forward. I was lucky enough to work in a variety of workplaces. Giving me options to choose from. 

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dirty fingers from working hardMy second job was working at the oil refinery. Now this is where the fun begins. I was making pretty good money $15-$16 but at the end of the day, I was drained, from working in the sun all day or doing back breaking work. Even though the money was good it wasn't worth it due to health reasons and risk of death by working on 100ft + oil tanks. This wasn't the job for me. Moving forward I then picked up a job working at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Managing an oxygen bar and at night pushing a cart filled with glow sticks and light up toys. And if you ever been to Six  Flags it's nothing but hills and can be very stressful when it's a 100 degrees out. That lasted about 3 months due to it being so far it wasn't really worth it for the pay I was receiving at that time. 

So I decided to go back to school but only after taking a 6-month vacation of playing video games and partying. After I got over that phase I put my mind to going back to school and getting an education but only after 1 year my main class I was striving for discontinued at the community college  I was attending. So being me I didn't have a backup. So I finished my General ed classes so I didn't have to pay back the financial aid money that I blew off on strip clubs and music equipment. Before I get into my next career my dream job was to always work in an office, not that I was lazy or anything but I always liked to work with computers and was somewhat good at learning new programs, I am a fast learner. So I would pray and put it out to the universe please let me get an office job so I don't have to do those hard labor jobs anymore.

Me at my new office job
 After college didn't work out for me I then went on another mini vacation and then picked up this shoe shine job, now this was out of nowhere, who would have thought that they still have shoe shining business nowadays. I shined boots, shoes, Sam browns, and belts for about a year, I was pretty good at it too, and the money was not that bad either because of the tips, you would receive. I was happy and actually enjoying this form of art I would say. But I wanted more. I then got reconnected with a longtime best friend of mine Jon Arpon, After years of trying to convince me of going to sales. I finally said what's the worse that can happen, I mean he was making real good money and I saw the checks he was making and that got me sold. And he was always telling me if he can do it I can too because he not educated and doesn't have a high school diploma and me having a GED I was "smarter" lol, So I went in for the interview even tho he told me I got the job already because he had a lot of juice at this place. I went in for my interview and was nervous because I'm not a talkative kind of guy, but I figured this would break me out of my shell and I would crush it.

daniel romero
There was a total of about 20 salesmen on the floor he was working and 1 compliance officer "the guy who verifys the information the salesmen collected". The manager at that time suggested that I would be a better fit at working in the back end and offered me a 9-5. My first day I was giving a script and got thrown to the wolves with no training because they needed assistance that bad, I ended up doing better than they expected and moved up to compliance manager in less than a year, at one Moment I was actually doing interviews and giving the option on whether or not a person should get hired. Now after working 3 years at this company and learning every department on my own just so if I ever came across a problem I would have to go to anyone I would know right off the back what to do, I now have the title Account Manger I can say I found my dream job. I'm making the minimum of over 3k a month depending on sales for that month even more. What I learned is sometimes you just have to go for it even though things are going good for you, you just got to put it out to the universe and always think big and once our done thinking big, think bigger. With that being said never give up on our dream because if you can think it then it is possible. Imagination is the key to success. 

-Daniel Romero 

Editors note. Daniel is one of my greatest friends who has been there for me for a very long period of my life. He graduated from high school which is more than I can say for myself so I know he's a smart guy. Besides that growing up with him and seeing the journey of coming from hard labor to a white-collar position to where he 's interviewing candidates and running the compliance department is an amazing feat. He is now officially a published author and I have absolutely nothing but amazing things to say about him. You may use this as a letter of recommendation if you ever need one from Orange County's Premier Mortgage Banker - Jon Arpon.

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