Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Im A Google Developer Now Here's The Problem.

Recently became a Google developer and If you want a new app to reach as many people as possible then it’s vital to hit the top charts of the app stores. Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store contain more than 1 million apps each. They both have a very limited store front that highlights a small portion of apps on the top charts or the top grossing aspects of Google and Apple.

Jon Arpon App Store Rankings

The importance of hitting those charts has led to some crazy moves. We don’t know exactly how app store rankings work, but we know that downloads, ratings, how many times people log on to play, uninstalls and all that go into account as well when that happens. 

The bad side of App Store Manipulations

A few years ago Apple told developers that using services that guaranteed high rankings on the top charts would result in a ban. There were actually many services claiming a top 25 place in return for a large fee, I've heard as large as $10,000 a week to keep it on the top 25. They say it's achieved by having bots download it thousands of times and it would push it to the top of the charts and the exposure would give them downloads from the normal market which actually gave them legitimate reviews and furthered their spot in the charts.
Many apps were banned after this and I think it's because many people were using farm bots, it's also entirely possible that companies do use real people to download the application making app store manipulation much harder to catch and is that's the case than we may never solve the problem.

The unseen areas

Some developers use sneaky schemes to promote their apps and inflate the ranking and the rating of it at the same time. For example have you ever needed "coins" or "power" in a specific game and it says download this game for 500 "coins," or sign up through this app and receive "50" power. It's just a ploy to push certain apps higher in the rankings and I completely understand why that is but it makes it hard for people like me that took the time and money to become a developer very hard to have a chance. 

Make It Fair

I think it's time for Google and Apple to be proactive to give developers just starting a chance. It seems like more of a reactive approach when dealing with the manipulations and cheats of developers. I totally get it, and if I had $10,000/week to spend to get my app on the top of the charts I would.

 So I need your help, I need some real feedback in regards to a clone app I just launched called "Flappy Arpeezy." It's a clone of Flappy Birds except mines has power-ups and a beautiful background that you can enjoy while reliving the annoying and addicting aspects or Flappy Birds. So I'm asking all my friends a favor. To please Download my new video game and rate it honestly and tell me what I can improve in the game as well. It's a 5 star rated game so let me know what you guys think! (iOS version coming soon.)

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