Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Slugfest Of Donald Trump

This is an open letter to Donald Trump

Dear Donald Trump,

You are my hero, you got onto that stage that one night and I heard you say that you love the poorly educated. When I heard you say that, it was the first time a candidate has ever resonated in my heart, just because some Americans don't have the educational background doesn't make us less of a citizen or a contributor to society and you spoke to me. It was like a needle of words that pierced my heart, it was the good kind of pain, the kind of pain when you're dealing with a soreness of a workout and you get a massage where you're sore at. I voted for you during the primaries because you I feel you represented the forgotten America. You spoke to us as a regular human being and by no means, you're far from perfect but that's exactly why I love you. You're on Twitter all the time, and you bypass the crooked, dishonest media and I want you to keep doing that. You're a billionaire, you have all the money in this entire world and you don't need anymore and that's how I came to my conclusion that you weren't in it to get richer, for what? What can't a billion dollars buy? Exactly, so you're doing the presidency for legacy, and legacy is always a far more powerful motive. You can't be bribed because you're already rich. I've seen everyone hate you, I've heard of all the death threats they put towards you and you're family. You and your family have been ridiculed by the dishonest media, yet you still pushed forward. Something amazing happened, I saw how much was against you, the dishonest media, the democratic party, even the republican party, they couldn't hold you down. Everyone I knew was saying you had no chance at winning this election. I voted for you in the Primaries and in the General Election. You've inspired me, that no matter what and against all odds, there is always hope to come out on top. You've inspired a movement so great in America that against every poll, pundit and hater you had, you proved them wrong. I believe you will bring back jobs, lower taxes and bring back the American dream that my family came here in the first place for. The savagery, the slugfest of this election has been a crazy one. You've given the people hope, you don't have to be white to like Donald Trump. We're all Americans it doesn't matter. Donald Trump, you're my hero and I hope you get to read this, and I hope you make America Great Again. 

Sincerely "Orange County's Premier Mortgage Banker" and die-hard Trump Supporter 

-Jon Arpon.

Watch the video below to see how Trump proved everyone wrong!

This is how I feel about Donald Trump and Duterte being my presidents!

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  2. your family, not you're family.
    And yes, he is in it to get richer. That's the problem here. Richer people DO want to get richer. I respect your opinion but you are so wrong!

  3. how so? Donald Trump is a good man.