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To Obama, A Letter Of Desperation.

To Obama, A letter of desperation.

This letter was written to Obama during his presidency. You must be warned the letter is heart-wrenching and you might want to grab some tissues. I'm a republican and this letter even moved me to like Obama just a bit more. This letter I can see moving even the hardest or hearts, bring tears to father in all walks of life who has their own daughter. I've gotten access to this letter and Obama's response through doing some research online and I felt this was worth posting. Democrat or not, we can all appreciate this side of Obama. 

Ashley Deleon wrote Obama

Dear Mr. President,
My father was a United States Marine for 22 years before retiring as a master sergeant. As part of the infantry, he deployed on six occasions. Each deployment, my father came back less and less like himself. [ ... ] But after he retired, my father was forgotten. [ ... ] He no longer had the brotherhood of fellow Marines; no one thanked him for his service; no one called to check on his well-being. He was diagnosed with severe PTSD and was medically disabled.
So he drank. And drank. [ ... ] He would drink all night, come back at 6 a.m., sleep all day and repeat the cycle.
I am a junior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. [ ... ] Every day I would look in the mirror and see the remnants of him in my facial features. But the man that I resembled so much, the man who constituted half of me, wasn’t one that I knew any longer.
Christmas Eve was a rainy day in Jacksonville, N.C., Mr. President. I was taking a shower upstairs when I heard the first two shots. I knew it was him. As I jumped out of the shower and ran down the stairs in nothing but a towel I could see my father pacing in the living room with a shotgun in his hand and tears in his eyes. He yelled at me, his little girl: “Get the f*** out of my house! GET OUT! And in that moment I knew that I had two choices: to run and leave my little brother upstairs and my dad with a loaded weapon. Or to stay. I chose the latter. You see, I chose to stay in that room and fight over that gun because I knew that my dad was still in there somewhere. He had to be. As I struggled with my father, he shot. And shot. The small girl who grew up waving the American flag at her daddy’s homecomings yelled NOOOO from the bottom of her gut. Glass shattered. The dogs barked. [ ... ]
I didn’t care if I died, Mr. President. I’m 21 years old, and I would sacrifice myself without a second thought to save the man who raised me from taking his own life. Because when his country turned their back on him, I was still there. The light has long been gone from his eyes, but he is still my father. I am still his little girl. [ ... ]
I’m writing to ask you for your help. Not for my family, Mr. President. My family died that night. I’m asking you to help the others. The little girls and boys who have yet to see their mothers’ and fathers’ souls die away. They need help. Get them help. Don’t forget about them. They need you. Just like Sasha and Malia need you. They do.
With hope,
Ashley DeLeon
Jacksonville, N.C.

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Obama Responds Below

Ashley —
I was so moved by your letter. As a father, I can only imagine how heartbreaking the situation must be, and I’m inspired by the strength and perspective you possess at such a young age.
I am asking the V.A. to reach out to your family to provide any support that you need. And please know that beneath the pain, your father still loves his daughter, and is surely proud of her.

Barack Obama

What's really messed up about the situation was that the father ended up killing himself anyways even with the help Obama gave him. It really hits home because many in my family are veterans who have experienced PTSD and didn't get too much help with the VA. I hope this article has moved you and point I'm making is people with PTSD have real problems we cannot see. Just wanted to share this article and I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did I would hope you download "Mortgage Banker Pro 2.0" on the Google Play Store so you never miss another article of mines! If you're into games click here to download my video game "Flappy Arpeezy" on the Google Play Store!

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