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Why Women Love A Well Dressed Man. 6 Women, 6 opinions.

Well dressed men are the type of men that women love.

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6 Reasons For A Man To Dress Nicely, By 6 Women.

6 Women, 6 Reasons on why a man should dress nicely. These are all very lovely women with their own opinions, notice in this article that many of these women use the same words. Reason why? It's because it's a pattern and if multiple women are saying a certain thing about how her man dresses, then obviously you should listen. Enjoy!

Why she loves a well-dressed man
#1. By Kierstyn Clark. Click Here to add her on Facebook.

The reason the way a man dresses himself matters because it says a lot about himself; in more than one way. It tells you how much time he has with me, how seriously I take him, it says to the world what he thinks of himself. For example, a man who is well dressed and well groomed tends to be more confident of not only himself but the direction of his life as well. A man who is poorly groomed and put together tends to not think too highly of himself or life. The better a man dresses and grooms himself the more likely he is to be confident in himself and in a relationship. If he can’t take care of himself, how can he take care of a relationship? Plus no one wants to date a man that looks like he crawled out of a cave after a 15-year long nap. 

Why She loves a well dressed man because it tells you what you think of yourself
#2 By Casey Jennings. Click Here to add her on Facebook.

The way a man dresses is important because it tells you what he thinks of himself. It tells you about his confidence and how he views who he is. When a man puts an effort in his appearance, he tells the world that he’s confident and wants good things for himself and his people. A man who pays attentions to what he puts on is a man who pays attention to his work, his woman, and his life. 

There’s something to say when you walk into an office or a restaurant and see that one man that has dressed for success even if he is by himself. You know the one. He sits there with confidence, his hair groomed, looking like he can take on the world. I never knew how much men actually cared about their looks until I was in my late 20’s and dating someone older than I was. A well put together man screams confidence and self-control. A lot of women will also say that you know what type of man he is by the shoes he wears. He can look a mess but if his shoes are kept then you can tell how he is in his overall life. Isn’t that what we all want? Even if he is only dressing the part and we find he isn’t successful, just knowing that he is capable of looking the part means he is capable of it. My motto has always been “look good, feel good, do good.” It takes an extra ten minutes to ensure you are attracting the type of people you want in your life. It starts with you.

I think how you dress, men or women says a lot about you. Most importantly it tells the other person how much you take care of yourself, which can also define how well they will take care of you or love you. Notice when a woman is really happy with herself she dolls up, for a man they will dress sharp and be well groomed and some if not most will wear a lovely cologne. It’s so important to dress well because confidence or a lack of it really comes from our outer appearance. When you look “good” you tend to behave and become more productive. Good looking people are naturally attractive to me, no one wants to be around someone who doesn’t care about their appearance and it’s a downer to be honest. Look good, feel good, do good.

She loves a well-dressed man because it's always better to be over-dressed then under-dressed#5 Tiana Jenae. Click Here For Instagram, Click for Facebook.

When I see a man dressed well, it shows confidence and pride. Regardless of complexion or race, everyone notices an outfit before anything else. Dressing well shows that a man can take care of himself, and is more mature than others who prefer to dress down, especially in a nicer setting. Business attire is attractive to women because it looks very clean. Whether it’s a first date, or just going out for a drink, I personally prefer to dress up rather than down, and I would want my date to match my effort, as well as my attire. It’s always better to be over dressed than under dressed!

#6 Alyshia Kaya Thao. Click Here to add her on Facebook.

To me a well-dressed man, it isn’t about what he’s wearing necessarily, but it’s about his personality. The way you dress tells the world who you really are. Everyone has their own style of fashion, don’t consider pushing yourself to wear something you’re not comfortable with. Be yourself because being yourself is the most important thing and that’s what make a woman interested in you.

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I hope you guys enjoyed these gorgeous women opinions on why a man should dress nicely. Keywords are confidence fellas, women love a man who can just take on the world in a suit and tie or a nice outfit. It might matter a lot more than you think. I've been out many times with a beautiful woman and I get compliments when I've got a spiffy suit with a trench coat and nice dress shoes. They usually think I'm their husband but it's just a fun date for me, dress well my friends and below are articles I'd think you'd love to read! Share and repost!

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