Saturday, February 18, 2017

I Don't Feel Like It. I'd Rather Go Out

I Don't Feel Like Working I Want To Go Out On Saturday!

As I write this it's Saturday, my boys have invited me out to Los Angeles and we're supposed to have a lot of fun. I've got a fresh haircut today as well because it was about that time where I was going to look a bit grummy, grummy? I don't even know if that's a word. I digress, right now, I want to shut my computer off, I want to block out the massive amount of pressure I'm under and just go to downtown Los Angeles and socialize. I want to speak to the new friends I was going to make, I want to speak to that guy in the same industry where'd we'd break bread and knock a couple down and talk about the hardships of being in the financial industry. I want to make eye-contact with that beautiful woman with the red lipstick and start a conversation with her and see where the night takes us, maybe we'll go to LA live? Maybe I'll bring her to the office and show her where my dreams are being made every single day. Maybe she's a psychologist and she hates guys in the financial industry but I'll be her exception perhaps?

This is what would have happened tonight. It starts off at the Springs Arts Tower on the 11th floor where we'd call it quits tonight and hit the nightlife that Los Angeles throws at you whether you want it or not. The bright lights, we're on the elevator going to down to the lobby. We're talking, we're sober, we're ready.

Here's a little chat we had on the fire escape before we went out.

First Bar DNA (Down and Out).

This bar is right across the street from the office, I'm in a three-piece suit looking pretty fly, my buddy got a smooth bomber jacket with Armani shoes on point. My hair, combed over, with a edge-up that would make a black man proud even though I'm not black. Anyhow, we're very known at the spot so we take a seat outside in the patio where we can watch the los angelinos pass by. We overhear a couple arguing, some people that might be gang members walking very fast and a person taking their dog for a late-night walk. I puff my cigarette, and a gorgeous blonde walks up to our table, sits down our ice cold draft beers and says "here's your beer sir, why aren't you looking handsome tonight?" I say "you know complimenting a man will get you far in life sweetheart, I appreciate it and you're not ugly neither." She laughs, we lock eyes, she's interested and I know it's on. 

Sidenote, it's always the women's fault, if she's going to compliment a man she needs to be ready for the fact that this man, in particular, will be taking it to the next level. I will not be threatened with good times, because I will make sure she comes through with a threat of a good time.

Back to the story, I have her smiling, I'm smiling, "I'm Jessica, I'm your server tonight, let me know if you guys need anything." She winks, I smile, she turns around and disappears into the darkened hallway. 

"Hey brother, you know that one deal you closed this morning right?" I say "Yeah, what about it?" He replies, "I've actually talked to the guy like 6 months ago but he wasn't ready to pull the trigger on it, how'd you do it?" I said "bro, you already know these guys man, I'm asking for the credit card upfront, I already know he's going to hit me with 10 excuses on why he can't afford it, but here's the thing bro, I've got 20 bullets to shoot him with when he says no." He says "what do you mean you got 20 bullets?" I say "I mean he's got 10 excuses that he's about to hit me with, and I'm about to hit him with 20 reasons why he needs to get this done. Period, point blank man he was a tough one but I got him." We down our beer, the beers were about $7 a piece, I leave a $20 and we head out.

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LA LIVE (Uber)

"Why didn't you get her number bro?" I said, "I don't need it, I'm too focused on work right now, besides I know who my wife is, she just don't know it yet." He says "You still into her?" I say "yeah man, that's my baby right there she just don't know it yet." He says "Bro she's just not that into you, she doesn't want you at all bro, I'm sorry." I reply, "bro these women think they know what they want but they don't know what they want, however, I, Mr. Jonar Arpon know what they want so I'm the only man to give to her." He says "I feel sorry for you bro." "You're an asshole man!." We both laugh and hop out the Uber.

24 Floors Up Ritz-Carlton, Wolf Gang Pucks.

"The last time we were here man we talked about getting an office in downtown Los Angeles you remember Jonar?" I say "I remember man, times have been tough lately, but you know what? It's fine, I listened to an interview with Steve Jobs before he died and he said 'If you were to live every day as your last, one day you'll surely be right' that's crazy right?" He say's "yeah that's deep, man, we're 25 floors up do you see the Hollywood sign?" 

For those who haven't been to Los Angeles, when you get a chance, visit the Ritz-Carlton, on the 24th floor it's a Wolfgang Puck restaurant with a 360 view of Los Angeles. A beautiful place exactly like the picture below.

"You know Nate, we've come from far places to where we're at now, and I know we're nowhere near where we want to be but bottom line is, man." "you know Jonar, you don't have to say it, I know." We down our last beer and get an Uber.

We're buzzed but back at the office.

"Pass the bottle bro," " I take a swig before I give it back to him. We're on the fire escape overlooking downtown Los Angeles from our office. "Jonar, bro, what if we don't make it man? What if this business fails man? What if we're just chasing a dream we'll never have?" I reply," you know what? Maybe you're right bro? Damn I'm buzzed, maybe your right Nate, maybe we might fail. But you know what? I'm too committed to stop, I may fall down but I'll never fall off. I don't care, bro, I want it so bad, I want to be like, I want like... I want to like just be like, you know like.. man bro, I'm not supposed to be alive right now, I should have died 10 years ago, but I'm 28 now bro and I'm still here, so while I'm here I'm going to go for it." He says "cheers to that brother. Let's go for it."

This story is something I made up but definitely something that would happen tonight if I had went out instead of worked.

Here is our humble beginnings everyone!

The End

I wrote this short story to teach the people reading it something. It's Saturday night guys, It's Saturday! But I know I can't do what I want to do right now because I have to get my dream going. I'm reading so many books right now, there's a famous quote, 

"He who knows how to read but doesn't read is no better then the man who doesn't know how to read."

If you don't love it you will quit.

When times are tough and it's hard to keep going the sane will quit every single time. You have to love it because if you don't love it you'll quit. Love what you do is the best advice I can give right now. I promise you a thousand times, I have wanted to quit the sales industry, any sane man would, but I didn't because I love it. Because of that I persist and persist.





We already know what happens when we quit, but what if we didn't? 

This is how I feel about Donald Trump and Duterte being my presidents!

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