Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Reverse Mortgages, HighTech Lending Looks Optimistic

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HECM Reverse Mortgages are looking amazing for 2017

As most of you know, I am a mortgage banker for HighTech Lending based out of Irvine, I've developed a niche for the HECM reverse mortgage programs but also have a strong background in every aspect of the mortgage banking business. President Trump has made an official executive order against the Dodd-Frank Act so many lenders including the one I work with are looking very optimistic about 2017. 
For the reverse mortgage world, 2016 was bleak. The year came to a close with less than 50,000 endorsements—the lowest on record in more than a decade. Added expenses and reduced efficiencies associated with the implementation of Financial Assessment (FA) took its toll, and many lenders felt the pressure as volume dipped across the board.
But with a lackluster year behind us, some lenders are planning to staff up in the coming year, confident in 2017’s promise.

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HighTech Lending's thoughts

HighTechLending, a forward and reverse lender based in Irvine, California, experienced record volume in December and has added to its operations staff in anticipation of similarly strong months ahead. The lender cross-trained its staff in most areas with the exception of underwriting so that existing personnel could step in to speed up the loan process when needed.
HighTech president Don Currie says he plans to continue staffing up in the coming months. “HighTechLending is expanding its national reverse footprint with confidence. In my 35 years in the mortgage industry, I have not seen a better emotionally and financially rewarding product on the market,” Currie says. “We have expanded geographically into the East Coast from New York to Florida.”

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Reverse Mortgages for 2017

So we're going to see how everything will be turning out for this year. This year has treated me fairly with many of my loans going through within 30-45 days. If you know someone who is interested in a reverse mortgage, have them e-mail me at Jarpon@mortgagebankerpro.com and i'll send them a free information package. 2017 looks optimistic!

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