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Can A Music Artist Make It In Sales?

I am a songwriter, and performing artist

Most people don't know this but I've been in the public eye doing performances since I was 14 years old. The first time I got on a microphone was at a very young age. I was going to a high school called Cabrillo high school.

They had a freestyle competition and I entered the battle. 

I don't like going into details of these painful memories lol. But I lost, I lost badly, I was a freshman in high school and it was 2 months into being a freshman. I had lost in front of all of my peers, all the 10th, 11th and seniors in high school. I was a 9th grader so I had 4 more years of dealing with that awful day. (But I did later not finish high school)

Even my future ex-wife was there to witness it.

It was just a crush back then before we got married but can you imagine what it felt like for me? My reputation was ruined and I've never felt so rejected in my entire life. I was humiliated publicly and I felt like I would never regain that reputation because the tremendous humiliation I felt that afternoon.

I was defeated, I was humiliated and didn't want to continue being a performer.

Absolutely they can.
People Taking Videos of me while performing

But I didn't stop, matter fact I got really good at songwriting, I started recording music in my garage at the time and spent most of my time writing music. I'm talking 8 hours a day just practicing my writing skills and my vocal skills. 

I started performing at places.

Let me tell you the hardest thing about performing, is when you're looking at the crowd and no one is paying attention to you at all.

I learned from that, I learned how to be a "MC" a Master of Ceremony

I said, how do I make them pay attention to me while I'm on stage? I started getting good, I started flirting with the girls while I was on there,  I started making comments to people before my song started, I started shouting "throw your hand in the air!." 

People loved it, they ate it all up

Yes they can absolutely 100%
Getting a crowd ready for a show in Cerritos CA

I started rocking crowds of hundreds, I started performing at large festivals with thousand of people and I always remembered the first day I started in the freestyle competition. I was receiving millions of hits on my Myspace page when myspace was still active. My face was topping the charts next to Kanye Wests on the Myspace artist pages. 

It was crazy

How did that affect my career a decade later?

It was simple, humiliation is temporary, rejection is temporary, people will always forget humiliating moments that happen to you. I realized my life wasn't over when I was rejected so bad publicly in high school.

What does that have to do with being a salesman?

Everything, you see, as a salesman, we take more verbal abuse in one morning than most people do their entire lives, okay maybe I'm exaggerating just a little bit. But the amount of abuse we take from potential clients is incredibly disheartening. 

Every time I get rejected

Yes they can, me rocking a crowd out in Hollywood, CA
Rocking a crowd in Hollywood, CA with my hype man ACCENT.

I think about how many times I've been rejected until I found the light, I think about how many people didn't clap when I gave it my all. It's something we all have to go through, there is no instant gratification because anything that is worth doing well is worth doing bad, until you do it well.

I've built this website all around that philosophy

I mean even just 4 months ago, this website you're currently looking at was a horribly looking website. But now I'm getting better and better and improving my coding skills to make it look nice. 

When I first started this blog

It was because I was committed to figuring out how to build a website, it took me a long time, but now I'm affiliated with Apple Itunes, and Shopify and also Google Adsense has approved me as an affiliate. 

Back to sales

It's just the amount of failures and rejections I've faced as a performing artist has lead me to create a lucrative career in the field of sales. I'm a mortgage banker, I'm a salesman and I'm still a performing artist rocking the phones, and rocking crowds! 

The logo picture for the musicians island.

I also run a new website I just started called the "The Musicians Island," 

Persevere every time, all the time - Jon Arpon

Cheers to your success.

-Jon Arpon

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