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Mental Staying Power, Why You Need It

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"If you don't love it, you're going to quit because you're sane, you have to love it because you'll quit if you don't" - Steve Jobs 

Mental staying power what is it?

This is a revised version of a LinkedIn article I published.

Mental staying power is my biggest asset. I never quit, because the philosophy I hold is what a mentor burned into my head.

"There's two pains you can have, the pain of disciplines, or the pain of regret. One weighs tons, the other one weighs ounces." -Jim Rohn (Rest In Peace.)

It's 5:35 am right now where I am, I take a sip of my coffee at my local Starbucks. I've written my goals down for the day. This is what I do every single day. It doesn't matter if I fell asleep at 2 am, I will be up at 4:00 am working on my goals in life.

But what's that got to do with mental staying power?

Do you know how hard it is to be awake at the ass crack of dawn every single day including Saturdays and Sundays?

It's tough man, but I love what I do, which is building my websites and networking on LinkedIn.

Mental staying power gives you that edge against everyone else. You may be better than me but I'll work harder than you. 

How many times can you fall on your ass and get back up?

Many times, I don't care if I fail, I don't care if I get humiliated, I don't care. Actually, I care a whole lot but that doesn't mean I quit.

How many times can you get told "no" and keep moving forward?

I am a Mortgage Banker. I get told no all the time, just about every single loan needs to be sold unless they're desperate which is few and far between for Reverse Mortgages especially. 

Cold calling all day every day

I'm in the field selling every single day, many times I'm getting verbally abused.

"I take more verbal abuse in one morning in the sales industry than most people take their whole lives." -Jon Arpon 


Just kidding, but hey I'm only lying a little bit.

The truth of the matter is I see so many people come into the industry, not mortgages, I mean don't get me wrong I love mortgages. I love being a mortgage banker but

"Every mortgage banker is a salesman, but not every salesman is a mortgage banker."

Which is definitely true. Which is why I'm writing this so early in the morning. Staying power. You need it to succeed.

I'm writing this specifically for the sales industry because times get tough sometimes. I was having a conversation with one of my buddies who was just completely having the most horrible sales week of his life.

I told him "what you're going through is actually where sales champions are made."

He said, "why do you say that?"

I replied, "Anybody can be a salesman when things are going their way, it takes a champion to deal with a bad sales cycle and keep going."

Being in this industry, if you don't get blown out within the first few months, you'll burn out later. If you don't burn out you're probably going to be in sales for the rest of your life

I hate selling sometimes

It's tough to get hung up on three times in a row and then get cussed out on the 4th phone call while still holding mental composure. It's hard but that's where the professionals and amateurs are separated.

I love selling sometimes

I love my commission months man. See when salesmen hit commissions it's totally worth it. We can create our own paycheck at any time of the month. There's truly nothing else like it. And I love it.

Which is why I have mental staying power

Man the stuff these clients say sometimes just get to you, but you can't get phased. You just have to take the hit and continue working towards your goals. 

You have to love what you're doing absolutely of you will quit

I didn't even like sales at first honestly, I was a horrible salesman when I first started. But when I started reading the books, and listening to the audiotapes my career skyrocketed. But here's one thing I have over most of you.

I have no formal education

Who the hell was going to hire me? I only went to school until 10th grade. I didn't even show up for 9th grade neither so my education stopped at 8th grade. Who's going to hire me?

I had to get good at communication, I didn't want to, but when I did I fell in love with sales. Which is why I'm still selling every day. These articles aren't being written by a sales hasbeen. 

Mental staying power and why you need it

You're going to need it because you will be thrown to the wolves with nothing but your mental fortitude and communication skills. How many months can you go without a commission check?

How serious are you about what you want to achieve? These are questions to ask yourself. Well it was nice chatting with you I have to get ready for work and start my sales day.

I hope you enjoyed, reading this article. My name's Jon and I specialize in writing about current events, the wonderful world of mortgage banking and life in general. If you have any questions or maybe even featured on my articles feel free to reach out. By the way if anyone you know is looking to refinance or needs a reverse mortgage send them my way my friends! If you have any questions feel free to send me a message on LinkedInFacebook, or Instagram.

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