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Stop Taking The L's, Start Taking Lessons

By Jon Arpon | Mortgage Banker at Hightech Lending | Owner of | Owner of Mortgage Banker Pro 2.0 | Writer | Owner of

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."
-Wayne Gretzky

Feel like everything around you is caving in?

When I was 16 years old I made a stupid decision to drop out of high school, the even stupider (I really don't even know if that's a word lol) part of that was I didn't show up for 9th or 10th grade neither. You can say I was left with an 8th-grade education to start a career in this cold, cold world. I never had a bank account until I was 19 years old, and I had my first child at age 19, my daughter at age 20. The enormous amount of pressure kicked in.

Who's going to hire me? No education and no background of success whatsoever?

I'm going to answer that question twice in this article, but I came knocking on a couple companies the first one was VXI Global Solution out in Los Angeles, CA. For some reason, they decided to give me a chance on their sales floor. I was the bottom producer so they moved me to the "retention department." My job was to make sure people didn't cancel their DirectTV subscriptions, VXI is a BPO call center (Business Process Outsourced.) This is where I really got my feet wet. I think they didn't fire me because I went through 4 weeks of training so they didn't want to give up on me just yet lol.

Every person I saved from canceling gave me a commission.

I started out the bottom producer, as usual, I realized I wasn't making commissions and I had a moment in my car where I didn't have any money. I cried, I cried for hours, a man's not supposed to cry though right? I did, it hurt that I wasn't making any money wherever I went, I realized it wasn't the job but it was ME. Yes, I realized it was my fault and I needed to get my sales skills up.

I couldn't afford gas anymore

I started taking the bus in Long Beach to Marina Pacifica and started reading books like "Awaken The Giant Within," by Tony Robbins, I started listening to Jim Rohn through my cheap mp3 player someone let me borrow. I started taking my job seriously, I mean I had no choice, what the hell else was I supposed to do? I mean I was always good with interacting with people but I didn't know how to turn that into monetary value in my career.

Slowly I started to get better

After reading and listening for months on end I started to sharpen up on my sales skills. I stopped blaming the client's bad attitude and started to shift mines. I started assuming they're not canceling, why? Because they're talking to Jon Arpon right now and I'm the best damn thing since sliced bread. Every time I saved a client from canceling it gave me a rejuvenating feeling of confidence. The type of confidence that I could make it in this industry.

And I did I hit the top of the company

I hit the top of the commission structure which I think was my first income month of $6,000 for the month with a 76% non-cancel rate when people were on the phone with me. $6,000 isn't that much but when you're 21 years old and you never thought you would get a job over $10 an hour was a lot to me. Because that's about $40/hour for a guy with an 8th-grade education which isn't too shabby right?

The money came with a gambling addiction.

I remember a buddy of mines invited me to a casino and I had all my money in a debit card at the time and I had like $7 cash. I've never gambled in my lifetime before that point but I was at the Hawaiin Gardens Casino which is now known as "The Gardens," anyways there was this 3-card poker table. I decided to try it, so I put down $5 for the bet, $1 for the commission and $1 for the bonuses which totaled $7 total. I hit a straight flush and the payout was like 400 to 1. I made $2,000 and the bonus was 500 to 1 and which gave me and extra $500. Total I made $2,500 in a period of one minute.

They gave me a raffle ticket to win $1,000

You see when you hit a high hand like that in the game they give you a raffle ticket, the raffle was in an hour so I stayed. I won the raffle and I won $1,000 as well.

I came in with $7, and I left with $3,500.

Downhill from here, I'm not going to get into it too much but I did end up going to gamblers anonymous. It didn't matter how much money I made I was just to prone to giving it away to the casinos all around the Los Angeles area.

I took that L for years

It cost me my good job, my marriage, countless relationships and a reputation that was just starting to get good. I'm not getting into details but it was bad, and I'll be writing a book about this one day so you can get the information from there!

I got it under control, I learned from it

Let's fast forward in my career, the amount of "L's" that I've taken in life is tremendous. But you know what as well? I'm hard to kill, I'm tough as a brick, I don't even have a brain, I have a callous where my brain is. I have thick skin, I'm currently running two websites now, I have a sales career and a career as a mortgage banker. The ups and downs of being a salesman are hard. But I'm tougher because a number of losses I've had in life. From people to jobs, to opportunities wasted. I took those "L's" and I'm doing something good now. I'm not a millionaire by any means, yet.

I've burned to the ground 2 companies I've started

A couple of other "L's" I've taken as well. Every loss I face I learn from, and you should too. I don't know where you are in your career or life right now but my advice to you is to take the "L" and keep pushing forward. If you're in hell keep walking, pain is weakness leaving the body.

Some of these people reading my articles are clients of mines

I totally understand that, but you know what, I'm human the difference between me and some of the other people you'll deal with are, I'm real. People want to deal with real people and I'm one of them. In all seriousness I take my career much more serious than anyone around me because everyone has a choice, they have something they can fall back on, an education or maybe a trade they used to be in. What do I have to fall back on? Absolutely nothing. The only security I have is what's in my head. So I nurture my sales career like a mother and protect it like a father it's the only thing I have.

So at this time, who's going to hire me?

To put it in the most direct terms, any damn sales company I choose, why? Because I'm good at what I do and I survive while every other sales rep gets fired. I understand certain laws and statistics that will benefit any employer of my choosing. I don't want to be an employee for the rest of my life but I have to for right now.

Third company I start will be the charm

I guarantee it.

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