Saturday, March 4, 2017

What Is Perserverance?

What is perseverance? And how to apply it

"You got this man, you've got no education but you can pass your NMLS exam and get your mortgage banker license," I said to myself when I applied for my first mortgage company. I was broke and just lost a failed company and was left with $200 in my bank account.

Persevere Jonar, just persevere

If there is only one thing in life I could say I've figured out it's to persevere

It's to persevere through the darkest times. You see it's so simple to persevere when the promise is clear as water. What about when there is no promise? What about when there is absolutely no evidence of something is going to turn out alright?

Persevere every time, all the time

It doesn't matter how you feel, what happened to you that day, whether you feel like it or not you keep pushing.

How much are you willing to commit to excellence?

The first two weeks were hell waiting for a paycheck to get some gas, I had loans out from people I should'nt of gotten loans from, I was pushed to get three payday loans to hold me through and I maxed out every credit card I had to start my pursuing of my mortgage banker license. 

You ever been so broke you would still be in the negative after payday?

Payday comes, It wasn't even enough to pay for the $900 of payday loans I've already taken out but I kept a level head and said just persevere Jonar, just persevere. 

Fast forward to testing day!

I'm ready to pass my test and make some real money as a loan officer! I go in exuding confidence like I always have in life.

I failed by 2%

Dammit life, two failed companies and I failed my NMLS test!

I got fired that day as well

"Holy crap, at least I've got my last check in hand, I'm going to try again," I said in my head. After I failed and got fired I was sent home and went online to schedule my test 30 days later.

Don't give up just yet man

"Hey man, it's Jonar, I failed my test, you know anyone looking for a great salesman?" I'm on the phone with a good friend of mine.

You're hired Jonar you start Monday

I immediately tell them, "I don't need training, I need to sell and get on these damn phone as soon as possible if I don't perform fire me." I had a job within 3 days of being fired and it was a Godsend.

I made $400 my first day and got some SPIF money to hold me over. My first week made about $1,200 and just kept it going and pulled in about $5,000 my first month. A guy with an 8th grade education eh? Yeah I'm an excellent salesman, I just needed the vehicle. It didn't get me in the positive but some of my financial issues were resolved from that. I didn't owe any payday loans but I still had maxed out credit cards.

30 days later it's retaking test time. I passed. I persevered

Persevere every time, all the time - Jon Arpon

Cheers to your success.

-Jon Arpon

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